Damian J, also known as DJ DAM,is an open format club DJ currently spinning from his hometown San Diego and other Surrounding areas such as Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, and Las Vegas.

Dam has done numerous events from clubs, car shows, fights (Boxing), trade shows, listening parties, and has even shared the stage with hip hop group 2 Live Crew & Trance DJ Darude.

DJ DAM has recently started his own successful monthly party titled ” DamNation ” and is currently doing shows alongside drummer Patrick De La Cruz from 321 Stereo.


12/23/2017 – D Street |Encinitas, CA
12/29/2017 – D Street |Encinitas, CA
12/31/2017 – Fire Water |Oceanside, CA
01/07/2017 – Fire Water |Oceanside, CA
03/27/2018 – NCB Trade Show |Las Vegas, NV
03/28/2018 – NCB Trade Show |Las Vegas, NV